PRactical Pointers

PRactical Pointers

Are You Ready—Really?

So, how are those 2019 resolutions coming along? Making progress? If your objectives have stalled, don’t be hard on yourself. Realizing goals takes more than a desire for them. It takes a readiness to be open to change, trust in the process and courage to be uncomfortable, at least for...

The Long and Short of it: Strategic Planning

During a recent meeting with a client and would-be partner, the topic of planning came up, specifically, the advantages of implementing strategic long-term plans versus investing in short-term solutions. The discussion focused on the point that unlike typical short-term ventures that produce fleeting outcomes, long-term planning can open the way...

Picture Perfect

More than merely expressing a thousand words, photos have the power to attract the attention of key audiences (or repel them), evoke emotion and initiate interaction with others. Pictures have long-supported written content for public outreach, from heightening articles to enhancing marketing collateral to enriching advertisements and more. But today...