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Caving in to Peer Pressure

March 15, 2016

Welcome to Impact PR & Communications’ newly launched blog, PRactical Pointers. We’ve long resisted the urge to publish our thoughts on our own website, but now we’re ready to give in. Why, you ask?

It’s a long story, but here’s the short of it. The move was inspired by a presentation our founder, Filomena Fanelli, delivered alongside Katy Dwyer of Hand in Hand Marketing, to kick off Dutchess Tourism’s 2016 Lunch & Learn Series. The main point of the joint session, which took place four days before St. Patrick’s Day, was that “Good marketing and PR and are more than just good luck.”

Lunch and Learn Series

From left: Filomena Fanelli, Lydia Higginson (Dutchess Tourism), Katy Dwyer (Hand in Hand Marketing) and Mary Kay Vrba (Dutchess Tourism) at the 2016 Lunch & Learn Series.

One of the marketing suggestions was for companies to get off their duff and start blogging. After all, blogging causes Google to re-index a company’s website and, the longer viewers linger on a company’s site, the better the company’s ranking becomes. (So, please, stay awhile; our SEO thanks you!)

More than that, the Impact team has a lot to say. We’d love a place to answer questions we frequently get from clients, clear up misconceptions about our profession, talk about the latest trends or stories in the headlines, and share what makes us different than the rest of our peers. We’re full of personality and want to talk more directly with our clients, friends and the local, regional, national and international media with which we have the privilege to work.

Do you have a PR topic you’d like us to address in a future post? If so, write to us!