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Creating a Media-Worthy-Event – From Snore to Score

October 4, 2017

“If you build it, he will come.”

The classic phrase from Field of Dreams may have worked to bring ghost baseball players to a mythical cornfield, but out here in the real world, that mentality just won’t bring the media out to an event. Despite how exciting or important you think your event might be, it doesn’t mean reporters will actually take an interest in it, unless you find one or more media-worthy angles.

One of our clients at Impact PR & Communications was planning a special event. It was very significant to the company, celebrating a major company milestone. On its own, this event wouldn’t have been very exciting or of much interest to members of the media… a total PR snore! However, the company came to us with ample planning time, and we were able to creatively brainstorm with them on some strategies to turn “a snore” into “a score.”

We worked together and thought of ways to add a cool visual element to the event, which made it interesting to not only print media but also TV – giving cameras a reason to show up and grab the shot. And, because the company gave us ample lead-time to strategize, we had time to ge t the event on the calendars of VIPs and dignitaries. The company was also willing to dedicate the resources needed to make the event a success. Often companies fail to give events time or involve members of their team and PR professionals to assist with the planning. These two elements are absolutely key to take your event from snore to score!

Quick note: Keep an eye on this blog in the weeks to come. I’ll soon share four tangible tips to ensure your event is more extraordinary than ordinary.