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Fit Matters: How Five Values Determine Our Direction

October 10, 2018

Anyone who has visited our public relations agency, or spent a good deal of time with one of our team members, has likely heard us talk about our core values. They mean so much to us that we consider them to be non-negotiables; in other words, these are the guide to who we hire, fire and the types of clients we’re willing to partner with (or not).

These five values are: collaborate and communicate; build bridges; invest and immerse; act with integrity, always; and look forward, think forward.

To us, they are more than fancy catchphrases hanging on canvases on our walls. Here’s what they mean:

Collaborate and Communicate: We work as a team. It’s for that reason that we don’t use “staff” or “employees” to describe our talent. Those words don’t capture the spirit of equality and respect that are our hallmarks. Likewise, we like to partner with our clients, because we don’t consider ourselves a vendor or provider. Candid, kind feedback is not a nicety, but a necessity for us to do our best work and get the right results.

Build Bridges: In a world of “not possible,” and “look at me,” it quickly became clear to us that our strength is in the bridges we build. We get ideas from A to B, solve challenges and connect people, organizations, non-profits, friends and businesses, whether they are in our client roster or our wider networks. And we do the same for one another in the office, lending our time, talent, resources and heart to help.

Invest and Immerse: We are all in when we take on a partnership or project and enjoy going well beyond surface level tactics and simply checking off boxes. We treat our clients’ organizations like they are our own and we’re proud of that.

Act with Integrity, Always: Integrity is what you do whether anyone is watching or not. Sometimes that requires being brave about how you live and work. We pride ourselves on making the tough calls, and doing the right thing by media, clients and our fellow community members, including other agencies.

Look Forward, Think Forward: We constantly watch what’s on the horizon and are excited about being nimble enough to not only see what’s ahead, but also confidently pursue it. We take risks, try new things and put ourselves out there creatively to get the best results for our clients. We even have fun doing it!

These are the things we do every day, with an infectious positivity and smiles, because we know our Impact(ions) speak louder than words.