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Get to Know Isabella

February 23, 2024

Impact PR & Communications recently promoted Isabella Paquette to account executive.  

Isabella joined our team in January 2023 as an associate account executive, bringing her extensive background in press relations to the table. She quickly made herself a trusted member of several account teams and became a colleague that others could rely on; true to Impact’s values, Isabella is all about putting people first and collaborating.  

An intuitive, proactive, and responsive member of the team, Isabella is truly an asset to Impact PR. To celebrate Isabella’s first anniversary at Impact, her recent promotion, and her other professional accomplishments, we sat down to ask her a few questions.  

Continue reading to learn more about Isabella Paquette! 

What are your favorite aspects of the PR industry? 

One of my favorite things about the PR industry is getting creative – brainstorming one-of-a-kind campaigns. I also love making a difference and seeing the results come through – knowing our clients’ news is reaching new audiences or their target demographic. It is so heartwarming to hear clients say someone from their industry or community reached out and congratulated them for their recent news, accomplishment, or thought leadership piece.  

I have noticed I’m approaching the world with a PR mindset; when I’m out to dinner with friends or at the grocery store, certain things trigger ideas. This would be a great pitch to a reporter or that would be a fun campaign launch or this might be a good topic to dive in deeper with a client for a contributed article. PR is everywhere (including my Tik Tok for you page 😉)! 

What do you love about Impact PR? 

I love that Impact has clear values and goals that frame the agency, like acting with integrity and putting people first. Since the ladies on our team and our clients also prioritize these aspects, it makes the work and collaborations much more valuable. This also makes Impact PR a more family-like environment. I’m never afraid to reach out, ask for help, or brainstorm with a colleague – all to produce better work for our clients and to reach personal goals. The environment makes getting together for a meeting with a client, grabbing a coffee, or a team lunch or co-working day all that more special! 

What are you most looking forward to in your new role? 

In my new role, I am most looking forward to growing my PR skills, personalizing these skills, and creating my own expert tactics and advice. Over the past year, I have learned so many unique tips and tricks from my mentors and colleagues, that I will forever be able to use whether it be in the PR industry or life itself. I am also excited to give back and teach the skills I’ve learned to new team members in the future and help them grow in the same way the team has helped me grow so far. 

When you’re not dominating the PR industry, how do you unwind? 

I have been loving ending my day with a workout, a hot shower, a mocktail in a wine glass, and a few chapters of a book or episodes of a TV show before bed!  

What advice would you give to aspiring young professionals?  

Go for all opportunities that come your way. Don’t be afraid of the unknown in new opportunities because you never know which relationships will come out of them. Absorb everything going on around you.