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Guest Blog: 4 Easy Tips on Marketing an Event with the Help of a PR Agency

January 24, 2017

Guest blog by Jenny Holt, freelance business and marketing writer
4 Easy Tips on Marketing an Event with the Help of a PR Agency

When freelance business and marketing writer Jenny Holt contacted us with some tips on effectively marketing an event with the help of a PR firm, we immediately knew our readers would find them handy.

Marketing an event requires substantial time and effort. Research can be beneficial, and planning the event ahead of time is another important point. However, what about sending out invites to potential clients to highlight the new product or service? If you have the monetary resources, contact a PR agency to take on the work. The following blog provides four easy tips on marketing an event.

Contact an Influencer Marketer

mobile-phone-1917737_1920Dependent on your product or service that you wish to raise awareness on, contact an expert in the field via the usual social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Would they accept an invite to the launch of the product or service, and if they do, can they post to their readers where they will be attending? See it as a helpful two-way-street; they are raising awareness of your product or service, while you are offering a free event invite.

Think about who would use the product or service and target your attention to those individuals who feel the same passion that you do. For example, beauty bloggers often post blogs and videos about modern make up products and how to apply them, so if your product or service is beauty related, there is a huge arena of bloggers with whom you can contact. They will love the free product in exchange for a positive review to boost your sales. A PR agency can outsource the influential marketers who will best highlight your product or service, leaving you the freedom to ensure the event is a success.

Consider Your Market Size and Choose A Market Influencer Wisely

There is no point in contacting a beauty blogger with 50 million subscribers, if your company is a start up. Yes, if the marketer chooses your product or service, your product could go viral overnight, or you may be waiting months for a response. Choose your influencer wisely based on the market size of your product or service.

PR agencies have the resources and time to engage with the most thorough and engaging individuals who can best raise awareness of your brand.

Offer a Freebie

Formulating any event to promote a new product or service can set back your profits, as it is expected that you will give out freebies to attendees and marketing influencers. Mark down these costs before the event, and don’t feel like your company is experiencing a knockback either. A little risk can create a solid return, if the event is well planned and marketed correctly.

If you have limited time or resources to raise awareness of your product or service prior to the event, contact a PR agency. They know exactly who to contact, and one phone call or meeting with the right person(s) can start the ball rolling in raising awareness of your brand.

Trusting Your Marketing Influencers

coffee-break-1177540_1920Hiring that special person to raise awareness of your product or service can feel daunting at first glance, but you know that they are good at what they do, they like the product, and they are happy to flaunt your brand to potential customers.

The hiring of a PR agency can take away the hard work of finding a trusted market influencer to raise awareness of your product, service, and/or brand. If you have the monetary resources, consider hiring a PR firm who will use their knowledge and expertise to ensure that your event is a success. If you have difficulty in outsourcing a trusted market influencer for your product, it may be easier to trust a PR agency and guaranteed it is a wise investment decision.

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