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MEDIA MOMENT––Sabrina Sucato, Hudson Valley Magazine

June 29, 2018

Sabrina, thanks for being our guest this month.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Hudson Valley Magazine?

Hudson Valley Magazine has been an essential publication in the region since 1972. It captures colorful snapshots of life in the Hudson Valley and explores the stories of the people and places that make it so unique. It covers up-to-the-moment news and updates in the Valley on its website and shares the latest print and digital stories in its daily newsletter, Hudson Valley Today.

In addition to reporting on the latest and greatest happenings in the Hudson Valley, the magazine also hosts a number of signature events throughout the year, including the Burger and Beer Bash, the Excellence in Nursing Awards, and the highly anticipated Best of Hudson Valley Party.

 How long have you been reporting for the magazine and what led you to this field and your current position?

I’ve been the Digital Editor at Hudson Valley Magazine since March 2018, and I’ve loved every minute of it! I first became interested in journalism back in high school when I joined my school newspaper and later became editor-in-chief. I wrote for a few fashion, lifestyle, and news outlets during college at Vassar (I even interned for Hudson Valley Magazine in my senior year), then focused on travel content while working abroad in Italy. When I returned to to the Hudson Valley, I started writing and editing for a few local publications, including Edible Hudson Valley, the Poughkeepsie Journal, the Pawling Record, and Valley Table.

In regard to Hudson Valley Magazine, I’ve been a fan as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of browsing through it in high school and college for ideas of what to do and where to go. As the Digital Editor, I get to share my love of the region with the magazine’s wonderful community of readers through the website and social media. Every day is different and always exciting.

 What topics or stories are you most excited to report on for your readers?

Hands down, food! I love talking about (and eating) food. Luckily, the Hudson Valley boasts an incredibly rich farm and restaurant scene. My favorite articles are the ones that involve independent producers, innovative farmers, budding restaurateurs, or passionate chefs.

 What is one of the most memorable stories you’ve written about so far? OR What is one of the most memorable experiences you had as a reporter?

I have two! First, I loved interviewing the indie band Charming Disaster before they performed at Rough Draft in Kingston. The duo behind the band have such a unique concept (their songs are inspired by noir literature and folklore). Also, I found out that one of the members went to Vassar!

The second one is an affordable town guide I compiled for our online readers. We wanted to give approachable, realistic options for readers who are on the hunt for budget apartments or their first home. Not only was it educational for me, but it also felt good to put together such a comprehensive, go-to guide for the community.

 Tell us – we promise not to hold it against you – what is your biggest PR pet peeve?

As someone who worked in event-related PR in the past, I try to keep an open mind when it comes to PR pitches. The only thing I’m not a fan of is getting a press release or pitch that has little to no relevance to what I or the magazine cover.

 How many hashtags are too many? (All of us at Impact are looking to impose a legal limit)

Don’t hold it against me, but I actually love hashtags. I like to be tasteful about it on Twitter, since too many of them can look clunky. On Instagram, however, I’ll go a bit heavier and separate the hashtags into a paragraph at the bottom of a post. Of course, I always use #hvmag and #hudsonvalley!

 What do you love most about living and working in the Hudson Valley?

The funny thing is, I don’t think I realized how wonderful the Hudson Valley is until college when I really began exploring the area with friends. As a food lover, I’m constantly amazed by what the farmers and restaurateurs are doing in the area. The commitment to using local producers and farm products, the creativity behind new artisan goods, and the constant innovation on restaurant menus is just so exciting to me. I love being in the heart of a community that is so passionate about what it does.

What are your favorite Hudson Valley gems that all locals and visitors alike ought to check out?

In summer, I love to go to Vassar and watch the Powerhouse Theater performances. Once winter rolls around, I think every Valleyite should take a trip to the Vanderbilt in Hyde Park to do a historic house tour. The estate changes it up every year with different decorations and tour routes, but the house always looks stunning.

As for food, I’m obsessed with the empanadas at Twisted Soul in Poughkeepsie and the banana splits at Holy Cow in Red Hook. I have a massive sweet tooth, so donuts from Daddy’s Donuts (Middletown) and the bread pudding at BC Kitchen and Bar (Poughkeepsie) are the best. On the savory side, I’m a die-hard fan of anything from Rossi’s in Poughkeepsie and Mexican Kitchen in New Paltz.

 If someone wants to follow Hudson Valley Magazine and/or you, how can they connect with you socially?

If you live in or just love the Hudson Valley, you should definitely check out the magazine’s social pages! On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, our handle is @hudsonvalleymag. You can get the latest updates and articles from us on Facebook and Twitter, then head over to Instagram for endless Hudson Valley inspiration!