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Media Monthly with Candace Dunkley, TWC

May 31, 2016

Twc News photo shoot


Members of the media and PR pros can be friends. Yes, really. That sentiment is the basis behind the “Media Monthly,” a Q&A that gives our blog readers a better insight into some of our favorite journalists. We ask some questions and our media pals weigh in.

Now, enough about us! Let’s welcome Candace Dunkley of Time Warner Cable News. A vibrant news reporter, Candace can be found on the scene when big things happen in the Hudson Valley. Plus, her spunky personality makes her #TheBombDotCom (a saying she often uses, but that also perfectly describes her).


1. Candace, can you tell us more about TWC News and the geographic regions it covers?

TWC News Hudson Valley launched in April 2010 with a mission to cover a previously underserved area of the New York City television market. Our reporters mainly focus on covering Ulster, Dutchess, Orange and Sullivan Counties. I work out of the Kingston Bureau which is responsible for Ulster and Dutchess.

2. How long have you worked at the station?

I have worked at Time Warner Cable News since October 2014. Since then I have had the opportunity to cover a number of stories from protests, to historical sites to murder trials.

3. What types of stories do you typically focus on?

I am a general news reporter which means I cover whatever is the biggest story of the day! I love working on stories that feature people who are passionate about making a difference in their community. I also love doing stories that showcase things that are unique in our area. I recently I did a story on Big Pink. It’s a house in the Town of Saugerties where Bob Dylan and The Band played in 1967. You can watch the story here.12998740_10101100850334185_8395276147191860831_n

I am currently covering the 2nd degree murder trial of Kingston dentist, Gilberto Nunez.

4. Name one fun fact that the average viewer would not know about you.

I love poetry! Last October my friend and I went on a poetry tour. We visited and performed at open mics in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

5. What is the most memorable story you’ve covered?

In August of last year I did a three-part series titled “Ellenville’s Evolution.” The series talked about ways the community was working to move forward after the news broke that a casino wasn’t coming to the Town of Wawarsing. In addition to that series I also covered a number of meetings that were held in Ellenville, about ways to revive the community. I was always impressed and moved by how passionate and resilient people were.

6. Tell us – we promise not to hold it against you – what’s your PR pet peeve?

This is a tough one. Television journalism is a crazy world with very unique deadlines. I guess my pet peeve would be when people don’t understand our deadlines.  At our station reporters usually find out their story for the day after the morning meeting. A short version of that story is usually due by 4 p.m. that day, with a longer version due at 6 p.m.

7. How many hash tags are too many? (All of us at Impact are looking to impose a legal limit.)

The only time I really use hashtags is when I’m posting to Twitter. I would say it’s OK to use as many as you can fit in 140 characters, as long as it doesn’t take away from the meselfiessage you are trying to deliver.

8.  What do you love about living and working in the Hudson Valley?

I love that there is so much going on here. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had the opportunity to cover a wide variety of stories; every day is something new.

As a poet, I also love that the Hudson Valley is artist friendly. One example is the Lace Mill. It’s literally an affordable housing complex for artists. How cool is that?!

9. Name one “hidden Hudson Valley gem” that all locals and visitors ought to check out.

If you can come to Kingston for the O + Festival, I recommend you do. It’s a three-day celebration where artists exchange their contributions for healthcare services. The results are countless musical performances, beautiful murals painted around the city and an opportunity to meet great people from near and far.

10. If someone wants to follow TWC News and/or you, how can they connect socially?

You can follow me on Facebook or on Twitter: @CDunkleyTWCNEWS. You can also follow all of the top Time Warner Cable News Hudson Valley Stories on our website and Twitter: @TWCNewsHV