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#MeetTheTeam: Impact Welcomes Kira Leasure

October 20, 2021

In case you missed it, big things keep happening here at Impact! Just a few short weeks ago, we introduced our new Senior Account Executive, Kira Leasure and today, we’re giving you full scoop! Read on to get to know Kira, who hails from the Sunshine State, a little better.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Passionate. Caring. Extroverted.
What are you most excited about in your new role at Impact?

Getting back to my writing roots!

Tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise us?

Prior to March 2018, I had never flown on a plane before, which is shocking with my huge love of travel, but my family mainly stuck to road trips when I was growing up. As you might suspect, this led to a bit of flight anxiety. That being said, what was my first flight you might ask? Only an 8+ hour, non-stop flight to the UK for 10 days. Go big or go home, I always say.

What is your favorite kind of food?

Honestly, a tie between Chinese and Mexican. I can’t choose.

Who is your role model and why?

Gillian Anderson, from The X Files fame. I admire how open she is about her mental health struggles over the years and the way she reinvented herself after leaving the States, and television, in the early 2000s for what would become a very successful theatre/film career in England.

What are your favorite hotspots in your hometown, Tallahassee?

I’m a huge foodie, so I’d say one of my favorite places to grab a bite would be El Cocinero, specifically their queso with plantain chips and Picante Shrimp tacos on their homemade flour tortillas – can you say yum? Second would definitely be a local brewery called Ology, especially their Powermill location. They have a beautiful outdoor space, perfect for the upcoming fall nights, and delicious craft beer options and locally distilled spirits. In fact, they’re the first distillery in Tallahassee.

Favorite magazine or publication to read?

I’m more of a novel reader but, I’m also a huge movie buff, so if I’m picking up any magazine it has to be Entertainment Weekly.

What is your favorite thing about the PR/Communications industry?

I’m a huge extrovert, so any time I get to talk to people and work with others, it’s a good day, which is exactly what I get everyday in this industry.

What are your must-haves (i.e. tech tools, apps, desk items etc.) for working remotely?

I have to have the Spotify Desktop App for music and podcasts, cute and functional desk décor, white board and printed monthly calendar for organization, and a seasonally appropriate coffee mug filled with locally roasted coffee (Lucky Goat) and Funfetti creamer.

Want to connect with Kira? You can do so via LinkedIn here.