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New Year, New Strategies: 4 PR Tactics to Avoid in 2024

January 19, 2024

We are out with the old and in with the new this 2024!

Fresh, innovative trends are constantly developing, especially in the ever-evolving communication industry. As 2024 begins, it’s only fitting to officially bid adieu to the public relations trends and strategies that have overstayed their welcome.

Overlooking storytelling

Storytelling is essential for human connections. Whether you are writing a captivating press release, a social media post worth re-posting, or a well-crafted brand story, creative and original narratives have the power to evoke emotions, show you can rely on the brand, and create a sense of shared experiences.

Overlooking this important aspect is 100% OUT in 2024.

Embracing the art of storytelling is not just a choice – it is an imperative step toward establishing a meaningful and lasting connection with audiences in the noisy world of information overload. The practice of storytelling goes further than simply ‘coming up with a story’, it’s about appealing to the values of the audience at the right place and at the right time.

No community connection

Your campaigns need more than a simple tagline. Ask yourself what the campaign has to offer to the community and why they should care.

With your announcement, are you starting a scholarship, donating to a recent community tragedy, or something else? What is the main course with the side dish? PR strategies with no community connection have to be out the door in 2024 because they will fall flat and miss their mark every time.

The essence of PR lies in its ability to resonate with its audience so take the time to understand a community and its dynamics.

Relying too much on AI

While AI has many positive aspects that can assist our everyday life, it shouldn’t be the sole instrument for crafting PR campaigns, press releases, or other items. AI can be endlessly helpful in generating new concepts or suggesting content ideas but will always miss the personal touch and understanding of tailoring your message to your specific audience and demographics.

AI doesn’t know your community and audience the way you do. Similarly, AI hasn’t yet perfected tasks like proofreading and editing your materials, making it glaringly obvious that you didn’t put enough time into the attention to detail.

(Want a deeper dive into all things AI? Read our recent post on how and how NOT to use AI.)

Only using press releases to spread news

PR agencies with the same single campaigns and tactics will be out in 2024. Sending the same press release to the same mass audience can only mean that your important news will miss part of your target audience. To increase your chances of getting coverage, PR pros can personalize their pitches and news to different outlets. Address the journalist or reporter by name and craft your pitch to the outlet and their readership. Show your news matters to their audience and change up your strategies to be more diverse.

While there are some tactics and strategies that we are calling “out” for this year, don’t forget to check out our PR predictions and what we hope will be “in” in 2024.