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Set Yourself Apart with the Right Internship

March 7, 2017

FullSizeRenderBy: Corinne Rhea, Impact intern

Some might say that having an internship in high school is rigorous. Although it takes time out of my busy schedule, it keeps me sane. After a long day at school, I spend my afternoons participating in soccer and other extracurricular activities and my evenings completing homework. Thursdays are a bit different, though.

Instead of lacing up my soccer cleats, I head home, change into my business clothes and am on my way to my internship at Impact PR & Communications. On the way, I always find myself feeling confident and successful, happy to forget about all of my other priorities for a few hours.

Having an internship at 16-years-old makes me feel cool and set apart from my peers. When I walk into Impact, I am calm, cool and collected. Filomena and Karen make Impact such a warm, welcoming environment to learn about and work with public relations projects. The tasks assigned to me, such as composing emails and press releases, are rewarding. It is refreshing to learn without receiving a grade in return, and it is nice to be trusted with real work that is getting used for an actual purpose.

Filomena and Karen generously take time out of their busy deadlines and schedules to patiently teach me about their practice. I am lucky to intern at Impact, as I feel it has taught me a great deal about public relations and other professional fields. I honestly had no idea what to expect receiving the internship at Impact PR & Communications from the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Foundation’s Youth Leadership Program, but I thought it was going to be more a of a job than something I thoroughly enjoy.

Although we do rigorous work at Impact, Filomena and Karen have made Impact a healthy and happy work environment no matter how much stress there is in the room. Thursday has managed to become my favorite day of the work week!